Awards and a sourdough holiday

A big thank you to lapetitepaniere for the nomination of the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, which encourages connectivity between blogs. I have made a decision not to follow the whole process of nominating more blogs, because there are so many great blogs out there that I feel the process would be never ending if I started now! Congratulations to all of the other bloggers nominated for that and other awards though, and I am very pleased to have been nominated so soon after starting this blog.

Another reason that I will not be carrying on the nomination process is that I am taking a short break from baking and blogging. I have fed my sourdough starter (I left myself a note so that I did not forget…) and stashed it at the back of the fridge until I will need it in a couple of weeks. Feeding it before leaving it for a while generally ensures that it will be easy to reinvigorate when you next use it; however, it is still a good idea to look for the following signs of deterioration:

  • Black liquid on the surface – this is OK, it is just the ethanol (alcohol) from the fermentation. It can be tipped off or stirred back in.
  • Overfermentation – this could happen as it has just been fed; the starter might explode out of the jar and into the fridge…
  • An ‘off’ smell – you would know something was wrong if you smelled it. A good starter has a sweet, cidery smell, a bad starter smells awful.
  • Mould – white/grey mould is OK, just scrape it off. Green mould is bad, throw it away.

So, all going well we should have a sluggish but still active starter to bake with in a couple of weeks.

Don't forget to feed the starter before going away!
Don’t forget to feed the starter before leaving it!

3 thoughts on “Awards and a sourdough holiday

  1. You’re welcome Bread Bar None. I understand your decision not to follow the whole process and I definitely agree with you, there are a lot of amazing blogs (the choice is delicate) but I wanted to show some new bloggers like you for the work that you do and the professionalism.
    Have a great break and I’m waiting to see more recipes. Linda.

  2. Good luck! That’s a good idea to leave a note out, will do that next time. Or just in general even, once this new starter has been going a while and can handle the fridge. (I don’t bake with it every day.)
    Ps nice blog 🙂

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