Since beginning this blog I have been sucked into an online world of both amateur and professional bakers, creating amazing yeasted and sourdough loaves.

I’d like to take a second to thank those people and to point to a discussion held on Twitter a couple of days ago, hosted by BreadStorm and moderated by @amateurbakers. The monthly discussion covers different aspects of baking and I was very pleased to be a part of this month’s topic: scoring and slashing loaves.

BreadStorm.com/breadchat has links to the transcript of the latest discussion, as well as previous discussions, information on the moderators, and links to the pinterest board for the topic. It is definitely worth a look for anyone seeking information on scoring or any of the previous topics, including the use of sugar, rye flour, and temperature of ingredients.

The names “#BreadChat” and “BreadStorm” are trademarks of BreadStorm LLC. BreadStorm software keys are now available in Australia.


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