Skills series

A while back I put together a few blogs on baking skills, using the knowledge I have gained over the last four or five years through trial, error, and a lot of great recipe books. As I haven’t posted in a while (because I haven’t baked in a while- busy weekends) I thought I’d pull together those skills posts into one page, so, here they are!

#1 Autolyse
#2 Kneading
#3 Bulk Ferment
#4 Divide and Shape

And because I won’t be baking this weekend, here’s an old pic of some millet sourdough to be getting along with…



3 thoughts on “Skills series

  1. These guides were an essential part of getting me started with sourdough. I’d recommend them to anyone starting up with any type of bread baking. Good to have them in one place for easy reference!

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