I started baking bread a few years ago, beginning with a very simple recipe for a foccacia. Looking back, I would probably consider that first loaf to be pretty uninspiring, but at the time I was blown away by how easy it was to create something from scratch that tasted as good as, or better than, what was available in the shops.

Since that first foccacia, I have experimented with white breads, wholemeal breads, sourdoughs, flat breads, sweet breads; basically every type of recipe I could get my hands on. I now focus mainly on sourdough breads; dense, intensely flavoured and full of a variety of different grains. Recently, I gained enough confidence to start writing my own recipes, some of which will be shared on this blog.

The purpose of this blog is to demystify some of the technical aspects of baking; the terms and techniques that terrified me when I was starting out. I aim to highlight how easy it is to create great tasting, healthy bread at home, with the most basic equipment and as little effort as possible.

Deli rye sourdough crust

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  1. Marisa

    Good for you! I have never had better bread than what I pull out of my own oven or of my friends’. My hat is off to you for wanting to educate others. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by eve’s apple!


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